9 Bulb Chandelier with Wooden and Perforated Metal Frame, Black and Brown - BM225624

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Black and Brown

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  • Contains 1 Chandelier only
  • Wooden and perforated metal frame
  • Features a round shape
  • Uses 9 bulbs of 60 Watt each
  • 6 feet long chain for mounting
  • 10 feet wire for easy connection
  • Maximum power : 540 Watt
  • 1 Year Warranty Period

  • Description:
    Upgrade the beauty and aesthetics of your home with the inclusion of this sophisticated chandelier. It features a round solid wood and perforated metal frame that uses 9 bulbs of 60 watt each. It is provided with a 6 feet long chain and 10 feet long wire, granting easy mounting and connection.