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Angelfish Sculpture on Coral Pedestal Gloss Finish Blue - Benzara

SKU: BM133115

An ideal addition for your living room and garden, this exquisitely crafted fish will give your home an eye catching appeal. If you want to give your guests something to talk about then this fish figurine will surely impress them all and your unique decor taste will become talk of the town. This porcelain angelfish sculpture on coral pedestal is in blue color with glossy finish. Size: 6.25"x4.00"x10.75"H
  • 6.25 in.(L) X 4.00 in.(W) X 10.75 in.(H)
  • 1.40
  • Blue
    • Beautifully sculpted angel fish figurine on pedestal.
    • Ideal inclusion for indoor or outdoor Decor
    • Perfect for all type of Decor styles