Benzara Antique Metal Cook Book Holder/Stand With Rooster - BM164489

SKU: C482-MTL0011

Featuring an ornamental scrollwork along a rooster design on top. This antique bronze finish Metal Cookbook Stand is both attractive and practical. It can еаѕіlу hold аnу bооk ѕіzе аnd wеіght, from thе hеаvіеѕt textbooks to the lіghtеѕt mаgаzіnеѕ. It is perfect piece for any countertop, bookshelf or table, while its bronze finish coordinates beautifully with cookware, bakeware and pantry ware products. This handy cookbook stand makes it easy to read recipes, a cookbook, a tablet or even an e-reader.

  • Well made up of high quality metal, ideal for reading, holding book or simply browsing the web. 
  • There are two metal hinges allow the entire book holder to be folded for easy storage. 
  • Features: intricate scroll work along with a rooster on top, proving a great efficient usage while reading cook books, magazines, tab, e-reader and so on.
  • With the size of 11"L X 7.9"W X 13"H , it is suitable for office, home, indoor and outdoor use.
  • For best care, hand wash the cookbook stand with warm soapy water.