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BM106477 Classical Hourglass - 5 Minute Sand Timer decor In Brass

SKU: BM106477

The classical sand timer is now a classic piece of decor for your home. The ancient hourglass has been a time keeper for a thousand of years, originating in midieval Europe. This hourglass is made by hand with brass, glass and sand, nothing else. The powder white sand falls between the two glass containers, with a 5 minute exact count down. Supporting the glass is an exceptionally designed solid brass framing with exquisite detail. An ideal piece for any table top in the living room or guest room. But these are also commonly used practically, such as timing various cooking projects in the kitchen. Any way you use it, it will shine for it's pracicality and it's classical style, anywhere and any time.

Important Features:

_Made with brass and glass and powder white sand
_Size: 7 inches