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BM113362 Handmade Vintage Look Wood Walking Stick With Spaniel Head Shape Handle By Benzara

SKU: BM113362

"Crafted with hands, the stylish cane boasts an ornamental, nickel-plated brass handle spaniel head design in silver tone. This very exotic and vintage look wooden walking stick is an awsome companion of an elderly person or of a collector's collect. Lending a luxury and adding class to your lifestyle exotic style you can include it in your decor settings too! The walking sticks can be personalised for all age groups who enjoy such rare-to-find walking stick. So pick one and create a majestic aura around you making yourself classy and unique. Highly trendy for decor and personal use, this is a must-have stick for every good looking gentlemen or enthusiast. Multiplying possibilities the handle can be easily unscrewed and replaced with other handles. Rendered in Indian Rosewood with an ebony black finish, this is a collector's walking stick and is not intended for orthopedic use. A rubber base has been provided on the bottom to offer good support on dirt paths.

  • Vintage Finish.
  • Black and silver combination is unique.
  • The silver handle features a spaniel head which makes it royal.