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BM113366 Handmade Chess Set With Magnetic Chessmen & Storage In Rosewood Benzara Brand

SKU: BM113366

The powerful game of mind and intelligence widely cherished all over the world. It has its roots in India & got hints of Chaturanga. The interesting game of two players has transformed with due time as per the needs. Crafted with a solid wood with antique-looks, chess set has been hand-carved by the artisans of India. Unique and stylish dual tone brown and beige finish, this board game is thoughtfully carved for those who relish classy and rich tastes. Best suitable for travel, picnics and outings the game is magnetic, making the pieces stable when you make any move. The chessmen are sized logically to match the size of the chess board and each chessman has its own designated storage place within the board. This helps that you do not loose any piece and it's easy to carry along. Popular among teenages and children its an educational gift which sharpens the intelligence. When not being played, it makes for an excellent decor piece and will match just about any kind of decor.

  • Use of Kikker Wood has been done beautifully.
  • Its in a nice dual shade of brown and beige.
  • Round in shape its unique chess board.