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BM113367 Royal Garden Natural Candle Or Tea Light Holder Hand Carved In Soapstone By Benzara

SKU: BM113367



  • Beautiful white piece of art
  • Carve the natural occurring soapstone with hand tools
  • Skilfully made by the master artists of Agra, India


Give your home and interiors a natural enlightening glow with this beautiful, handmade tea light holder, apt for both scented and odorless votives. A great addition to any decor all year round: from lining the outdoor patio, gallery or dining table during summer months to making a house feel extra cozy during the chilling winter nights! This tea light holder safely shields the flame of your votive from spills and hot wax. The durable quality and practical design make this piece ideal for restaurants, weddings, parties and events. Invest in this small wonder to create a warm subtle glow that awakens the senses and brings a flattering, mellow ambience to your space.