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BM142069 Set Of 2 Round Door Knobs In Ceramic With Hand Painted Floral Motifs By Benzara

SKU: BM142069

Blue and White

Do you want to transform your old style boring Knobs of your cabinet, cupboard, chest and Kitchen Drawers? Then revamp the look with a variety of handcrafted and handpainted beautiful ceramic knobs in varying colour combinations and finish. Adding ease to your knob settings the hardware has been attached for easy and hasselfree installation. This White & Blue knob set with decorative Flowers Pattern is an easy way to transform a cabinet or a dresser and need knobs that complement your existing color or decor schemes. Reborn out of revival of vintage fashion trends sweeping the globe, this rare and beautiful ceramic knob is suitable for both practical day-to-day use and decorative interior design needs. Ideal to update items such as jewellery boxes, desk organizers cupboards, and smaller pieces of furniture throughout the house.


  • Exclusive Design.
  • Spruce up your old furniture with new and easy hardware updates
  • This delicate item can be mounted to a kitchen cabinet or a cupboard door with hardware.