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BM145719 Basket styled beautiful Coconino Wood Lattice Lantern Round

SKU: BM145719

Coconino wood lattice lantern is a type of a basket light, which is the perfect way to add illumination and these lights have a hand made geometric texture, slightly round shaped, that is quite unique and in a great demand. Featuring a strong handle and a glass candle holder inside. As an accent each basket light is perfect to set your space apart from the ordinary. Make it extraordinary! The beautiful lantern Measures D14x14" , you can even experiment by adding a rope to each basket light then group the baskets in a big bunch for more impactful evening parties.
If you are planning to open any nice themed restaurant then, it can be a best theme.
You can even modify by adding a rope to them light then group the baskets in a bunch for eve parties
Be it a home decor, living room or any area you want to beautify in your way.