BM145815 Flying Pig Sculptural Accent, Large

SKU: BM145815

Adorable brown rustic pig with wings reminds us of the phrase when pigs fly, at least pigs can fly in art and sculpture, this contemporary pig adds a dramatic pop of personality to your indoor and out door space. Its unusual glossy shade is gorgeous, is to be flaunted in entryways, centerpiece, garden areas, yards and any other space you like. Love for pigs is seen in humans in many ways... so if you are also a pig lover, then admire its beauty with wings...!!

  • Carved in to perfection this pig has its cute little wings, as it is about to take off.
  • The perfect decor item to be adorned by all lovers of animals and decor.
  • Ideal for gifting on various occasions, this masterpiece is amalgamation of beauty and decor.