BM174935 Benzara Pig Shape Labyrinth ball maze puzzle game In Wood, Brown

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  • It comes in a shape of a pig, which has deep grooves carved into the surface for the balls to move about when the toy is rattles, jostled, tipped and shaken.
  • It features 3 steel balls to the center of the pig and helps kids in improving their concentration and motor skill.


Labyrinth ball maze puzzle is one of the oldest game. This pig shape labyrinth puzzle is handcrafted in wood and is ready to amaze everyone with its craftsmanship. It has a natural brown finish that adds to its uniqueness. It can be played by both kids and adults as it improves concentration and builds a great coordination between eyes and hands. The 3 steels balls can easily moves between the maze and provides a great time pass while travelling.
Handmade in wood and has naturally rich brown shade that provides it an enhancing look.