BNC-10012 Paw and Bone Design Stainless Steel Pet Bowl For Long Ear Dog, Black and Silver

SKU: BNC-10012

This paw and bone print Pet Bowl is designed for long eared dogs to keep their ears clean and neat. The raised bowl wall keeps food or water in the bowl while the small opening allows your pet to have food without getting messy. Using this bowl, you don't require to clean up the feeding area every day. Made from stainless steel, it also has rubber bottom has makes it less shaky while your dogs eat food or drink water pushing the bowl with their nose. It has a capacity of 900 ml.


  • One pet bowl with a weight capacity of 900 ml.
  • Skid-proof rubber at the bottom prevents the bowl from spilling and also protects the floor from scratching.
  • Stainless steel construction makes it unbreakable, durable, and easy to keep clean.
  • Overall Product Dimension: 6.85 inches in Length x 6.85 inches in Width x 3.94 inches in Height
  • Ideal bowl for pets with long ears, keeping them clean and neat.