Buddha Figurine with Rounded Ushnisha in Dhyana Mudra - Orange Benzara - BM133007

SKU: BM133007

  • 9.00 in.(L) X 6.00 in.(W) X 12.50 in.(H)
  • Orange
  • Ceramic
    • Gives spiritual touch to the decor
    • Position it in living room, prayer place or meditation room
    • Blends well with traditional as well as modern themed house


This Buddha statue adds a of touch of serenity and spiritual inspiration to your outdoor space. Hands gently placed on the lap in the Dhyana Mudra. This buddha figurine is made from the ceramic material and with a glossy finish in orange hue. Addition to your decor will make you feel inspired by his calm resoluteness. Size: 9.00"x6.00"x12.50"H.