Buddha Figurine with Rounded Ushnisha in Dhyana Mudra - Red - Benzara - BM133006

SKU: BM133006

  • 9.00 in.(L) X 6.00 in.(W) X 12.50 in.(H)
  • Red
  • Ceramic
    • Position it in living room, prayer place or meditation room
    • Glossy finish complimenting the color
    • Blends well with traditionally as well as modern themed house



Buddha meditates with deep concentration. It seems as if nothing in the world could disturb him! Yet notice his large ears, big so as to hear our cries of suffering. You will feel inspired by his calm resoluteness, determined to stay just as steady during lifes storms. This buddha figurine is made from the ceramic material and with a glossy finish in red hue. Size: 9.00"x6.00"x12.50"H