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C482-MTL0025 Benzara Wire Frame Metal Mannequin Display Stand With Adjustable Height, Black

SKU: C482-MTL0025

This mannequin display stand in shape of a women body with an elegant dress display form features a stylish scrollwork design. It is made up of metal that enhances its durability while the black finish adds to its charm. It is designed with perfection and has a 3-point metal base along with a central pole that can be adjusted easily for ascertaining a defined height. This mannequin's  bust, waist and shoulders can be used to display clothing and jewelry, and many other items.

  • This mannequin display stand features a woman’s bust with an elegant metal scrollwork design.
  • Ideal for displaying swimwear, lingerie, and women’s clothing etc.
  • It has a 3 point adjustable center pole with a 3 leg base, providing a good support to the whole structure.
  • Space efficient with dimension 16.3"L X 13.2"W X 66.5"H that can easily be accommodated in smaller spaces as well.
  • It adds a focal point to your usual settings, be it your living room, bedroom, or any commercial space.
  • Product Type:Decorative Objects.
  • Subject:Abstract and shapes.
  • Finish: Black.
  • Height: Adjustable.
  • Oversized:Yes.