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Captivating Ceramic Vase, 3 Assorted - Benzara

SKU: ETD-EN30795

Vases have always been considered as beautiful decor option. Tall, bold and beautiful, these vases are dyed in gray, black and red, which will easily grab the attention of guests. Keep these three vases together on the table or separately at different places. If you love flowers, you can keep a bunch of flowers in each of the vases. Make them a part of your living room, lobby, guest room or dining space and watch for yourself the difference in the appearance of the ambiance.
  • 5.63 in.(L) X 5.63 in.(W) X 10.94 in.(H)
  • 2.57
  • Ceramic
  • Glossy
    • Neatly shaped with amazing cutwork design.
    • Easy to relocate.
    • Worth owning and perfect gifting option.