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Gold Velvet Drape 55"X 84" Each Panel

SKU: MAF-100012

The Gold Velvet Drape Curtain Fabric Brings The Charm Of The Glittering Gold To Your Room To Make It Look Gorgeous. The Dazzling Velvet Curtains Also Serve As Splendid Room Decor Items In An Office, Religious Places Or Hotels. The Velvet Decoration In Gold Creates An Authentic Feel In Your Room While Also Lighting It Up With Natural Light. Our Collection Of Gold Velvet Drape Curtains Is Designed To Suit All Types Of Windows. The Standard Width Of The Velvet Drape Curtains Is 55 Inches.The Single Panel Of Gold Velvet Curtain Drapes Are The Perfect Window Accessories For Your Living Room, Bedroom, Patio Settings, Or Hall. The Elegant Golden Velvet Fabric Retains The Natural Light In The Room While Preventing The Harsh Light Entering The Room. Velvet Curtain Are Made From 100 Percent Cotton And Rayon Fabric So As To Prevent The Heat Entering The Room. If You Want To Enjoy The Comfort And Warmth Of The Velvet Without Sacrificing The Natural Ambience, Go For The Golden Velvet Drape Curtain In Your Room. The Golden Velvet Window Drapes Will Enhance The Overall Appearance Of The Room. Our Gold Velvet Curtain Drapes Are Fitted With Pole Pocket So You Can Save On Additional Costs On Stitching Curtain Loops Or Buying Curtain Rings.
  • 55.00 in.(L) X 1.00 in.(W) X 84.00 in.(H)
  • 1.00