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Impressive Wooden Planter - Benzara

SKU: ETD-EN25033

This wooden planter can be used to grow your favorite sapling. This planter has a natural wood matte finish. The planter has an uneven frame and a handle that is attached to both the sides. It can easily accommodate a small plant. You can just keep it on the floor or hang it on a hook. If you wish to hang it in your verandah or patio, that would be a great idea. This planter can also be a vital part of your kitchen area if you love growing plants.
  • 15.00 in.(L) X 14.00 in.(W) X 24.00 in.(H)
  • 10.34
  • Brown
  • Wood
  • Matte
    • Being provided with handle, it is easy to carry.
    • The holder will help you carry the planter with ease.
    • With this planter, you are sure to enhance your gardening skills.