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Intriguing Square Root Decoration - Benzara

SKU: ETD-EN32181

Giving you an illusion of evenly cult wooden logs, this decor will be a lovely inclusion in your house. Made from good quality wood, it is sturdy and will last in prim condition for ages. This decor is box like and is well edged. It has a smooth texture. You can either use this decor as a table or for sitting purpose. Either ways it will be useful as its utility is versatile.
  • 17.50 in.(L) X 17.50 in.(W) X 17.50 in.(H)
  • 36.40
  • Brown
  • Wood
  • Matte
    • Unique decor complements all decor themes
    • Creatively made to impress everyone
    • Worth owning and exhibiting proudly