NAU-AL18455 Chrome Large Port Side Bell Delivers Unique Maritime Feel

SKU: NAU-AL18455

Features: Size: 7 (Inches) Material: Chrome polished aluminum Color: Silver Detachable wall bracket for easy to mount in any direction; Can be hanged from ceiling also Description: Chrome Large Port Side Bell is recently introduced fantastic nautical decor item that can be used anywhere outdoor or indoor. Brilliantly chrome polished shining bell delivers distinctive maritime feel. It is perfectly tuned to entertain the ears with melodious full rich tone even after stopping the ringing. It is a multipurpose decor that supports all kinds of interior plans. This beautiful port side bell can be used as call bell, door bell or for intimation signal etc. Its long and strong braid is hand woven. It remains rust free because of being fine chrome polished and looks like new even after years.