Ribbed Polyresin Chimpanzee Figurines, Set of 3, Bronze and Gray - BM205222

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Bronze and Gray

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  • This is a set of 3 of chimpanzee figurines only.
  • It has been made from polyresin and comes in bronze and gray color finish
  • This decorative item portrays three chimpanzees giving a social message of forbiding malicious vision, hearing and speaking.
  • Overall dimensions: 6.25 inches in Length x 7 inches in Width x 9.5 inches in Height
  • This will be a great accent piece in your home Decor.

  • Description:
    This showpieces coming in the form of chimpanzees is made from polyresin with bronze and gray finish which ensures its lastingness. Revive your Decor setting by bringing home this set which consists of 3 chimpanzee figurines that features ribbed designed body, imparting a social message and forbiding malicious vision, hearing and speaking. The set will provide an enchanting charm and will also enhance the overall aesthetics of your place.