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Smart Indus Wooden Bowl Large

SKU: UPT-70010

Keep It In The Patio, Kitchen Counter Or Anywhere You Wish To And It Will Be Of Great Use There. Made From Sturdy Wood, This Bowl Will Stay In Prim Condition For A Long Time. In A Natural Wood Matte Finish, This Is One Such Bowl Which You Will Not Regret Bringing Home, Having A Smooth Texture, This Bowl Can Be Used For Serving, Just As A Table Accent Or As A Bird Feeder In The Outdoor. This Bowl Is Well Shaped And Can Also Be Present As Gift To Close Eons Who Would Love Owning It. Wrap It Well And Gift It To Friends On Special Occasions. They Will Certainly Like It And Will Thank You For Your Gifting Gesture. So, Bring It Home If You Need It Or You Can Always Recommend It To Others.
  • 13.00 in.(L) X 13.00 in.(W) X 7.00 in.(H)
  • 2.00
  • Matte
    • Well edged
    • Durable built
    • Light in weight