The Heavenly Metal Candle Holder 4 Assorted

SKU: 65341

Are You Looking For Candle Holders That Have A Unique Feel And Touch About Them? Need Candle Holders That All Will Stand Up And Take Notice Of? Well, These Metal Candle Holders Have The Midas Feel About Them. In Alluring Shapes: By Placing Your Candles In Them Not Only Will You Add Light To Your Room, But You Will Also Be Beautifying It Because Of The Holders? Aesthetically Pleasant Design. Additionally, They Have Been Made Using Quality Materials; This Ensures That They Will Last With You For Years To Come. Not Only Will People Be Impressed, But They Will Also Complement You For Your Choice. They Can Also Make A Perfect Present. Indeed, These Candle Holders Have The Look Of Something From Heaven. So Do Not Delay; Make Them Your Own Today.
  • 8.00 in.(L) X 8.00 in.(W) X 8.00 in.(H)
  • 9.00
  • Assorted
  • Metal