Timeless Aluminum Magnifier 2 Assorted

SKU: 28393

If You Thought That Magnifiers Were Boring In Terms Of Their Physical Build Then Now You'D Need To Reconsider. After Taking A Look At These Aluminium Magnifiers In 2 Assorted Colors You Certainly Will Be Spoilt For Choice. Made Using Quality Aluminium And Glass, These Magnifiers Promise To Last In Pristine Condition For Years To Come. They Feature A Shape That Is Modeled On A Sea Turtle And Come In Two Beautiful Colors: Silver And Golden. You Can Place These Magnifiers On Your Study Table Or On Something You Want To Magnify. They Will Execute The Magnifying Task Just Perfectly. Their Classic Shape Would Mean That They Will Look Perfect In A Home With Traditional Themes. You Can Also Turn Them Into Priceless Gifts. So Without Further Ado Consider Getting These Cool Aluminium Magnifiers. You Will Be Flooded By Compliments.
  • 6.00 in.(L) X 4.00 in.(W) X 2.00 in.(H)
  • 3.00
    • Made From Quality Materials