Hammered Pattern Galvanized Farmhouse Style Tub, Copper - BM164577

SKU: I305-HGM008


  • This tub is made up of metal and features galvanized copper finish.
  • For outdoor usage, you can use this tub as farmhouse tub, planter, firewood holder, ice bucket.
  • For indoor purpose this tub can be used for storing laundry clothes, pellets, newspapers.
  • Overall Dimensions: 19"L x 16.50"W x 10.25"H.
  • Equipped with two handles so that this tub can be carried easily.
  • It has a weight capacity of 15 litres.


Old fashioned but yet modish, this galvanized tub provides a great usage. It is made up of metal and accented with copper finish with a dense hammered pattern. The side handles offer easy carrying while it has a weight capacity of 15 litres that makes it perfect for filling ice during parties or for holding firewood next to the fireplace.