Round Galvanized Steel Compost Sifter with Wire Mesh Design Base, Antique Silver - BM195216

SKU: BM195216


  • Contains one compost sifter.
  • Showcases round silhouette with flared opening.
  • Sturdy galvanized steel construction makes it corrosion free.
  • Features wire mesh design base that helps in refining the material.
  • Rolled side handles offer an easy grip that provides convenience in sifting the compost.
  • An antique silver finish gives it a farmhouse appeal.


If you love planting, then this compost sifter is just the right product for you. It features wire mesh designed base with raised flared edges accompanied by easy gripping side handles. The mesh center allows you to separate the coarse, unfinished compost ingredients like sticks, stones, and clumps from the finished compost that you can easily use in your gardens, lawns, or fields. The handle makes the wobble easy and provides a filtered composite within a few minutes.